Call to Artists


We are pleased to announce that we have started preparations for PULP : art party 2020 and are now calling for artists to submit designs for the party on April 25th at The Costume House at 165 Geary Avenue (near Dufferin Street) 

Keep an eye out on your inboxes for more information about installations and tickets coming soon. You can sign up for our e-mail list on the right hand side of this page. 

We are looking for exciting video installations, art installations, furniture, and outfits made of reclaimed materials. Go nuts, we like crazy (so long as you can pull it off and it’s safe). Don’t hesitate to email us questions.

Funds raised at the event will be donated to Evergreen Centre for Street Involved Youth at Yonge Street Mission.


Ripple Effect by Natalia Bakaeva and Xiao Sunny Li - photo by Maiku Creative Productions 2
Walking Garden by Ksenija Spasic under Catenary Canopy by BD Studio (2017)


Submissions should include necessary conceptual drawings and/or models conveying the intention and plausibility of the designs. Images should be in jpeg, upload any videos to youtube or vimeo to share.

• Include a word document with the names of all team members and a short description about the installation to be included in our online programme. Please do not send as a pdf.

• Installations/activities should serve a programmatic purpose during the event – conversation, creation, drinking, or play. We are looking for installations to pair with specific programs within the event – the entrance, the stage/dj booth, a larger spatial installation, the bar, and a photobooth. See plans below. 

• We will provide craft activities with tables and chairs as needed. 

• Submissions will be selected based on their ability to create sustainability related discussion, function, grandeur, or its potential for further development as a waste reduction technique.


• Designs must be constructed quickly or created in studio and assembled on site, as we will only have one day for set-up. Installations should also be quick and easy to take down the next morning.

• Drilling holes in our posts and beams are not permitted. The only nails we allow are oval nails and round head nails. Gaff tape is the only permitted adhesive in the venue. There is under no circumstances anything allowed to be taped to the restored hardwood flooring. 

• Keep in mind that glues, resins, and glitter may damage a material’s ability to be recycled. All materials must be reclaimed. Recyclable materials (paper, cardboard, plastic, metal) must remain so after the installation is taken down. We are happy to engage in conversation to resolve any design issues you may come up with to accommodate this requirement. 

The Costume House
Stalagmite-stalactite By Makeshift Collective (2015)
Paper Igloo By Richard Freeman And Video Projection By Kearon Roy Taylor (2016)
Paper Environment by Aleks Bartosik (2015)
PULP 2019 - Photo by Maiku Creative Productions
Performance Art by Mary-Dora Bloch-Hansen - Photo by Maiku Creative Productions (2019)